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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Habbo Ultimate Hack

Habbo Hotel is a place where people can create their own Habbos, have fun, hang out, play games, and make friends. Because of its interactive content, Habbo Hotel is for users who are thirteen (13) years of age or older. We urge everyone, especially teens and their parents to use and enjoy our web site responsibly.

Habbo is home to a wide community of people all around the world. By purchasing virtual furniture with SMS, credit cards, or other means, users can design their own Hotel rooms and create a social space for themselves and their friends.

Habbo has long been an online community for roleplayers to act out certain actions and scenarios. Since the beginning, Habbo has hosted quite a few roleplaying rooms. Many are based on military forces around the world, such as the US Army. Others are based on gangs and crime organizations.
Habbos can play a variety of games in the hotel. Some are run by Habbo and are fully integrated into the game, while others are created by users and are usually simpler.

BattleBall, SnowStorm, Wobble Squabble, and Diving are all games that are run by Habbo. In BattleBall, players must capture the most amount of squares as possible and colour them their team colour. SnowStorm is similar to a skirmish or third-person shooting game; players throw snowballs at each other and gain points each time a snowball hits another player or knocks them down.

Wobble Squabble and Diving can be played in the various pool rooms in Habbo and are unlike BattleBall and SnowStorm in that they are not "team" games. In Wobble Squabble, two players face each other and try to knock each other off "floaties" in a pool by pressing various button combinations to unbalance their opponent. Diving is a single-player game where users can dive while performing tricks in-air; afterwards other users rate their dive

  1. Download Habbocoingenerator.zip from the link above.
  2. Locate the file and right click it. Then it should a an option to unzip it.
  3. Unzip it to a folder.
  4. Find the folder and start habbocoingenerator.exe
  5. Now enter your username, choose how much coins you want.
  6. Voila! You are now rich.
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Tested on:
  • Windows 7 – Working
  • Windows Vista – Working
  • Windows XP – Working
  • Mac – Working, but you have to download mac version of 7zip

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